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Jillian & Kathryn

Take on the Rebelle Rally 2024!

What is the Rebelle Rally?  It is the longest competitive off-road rally in the nation. It just so happens to be for women.

Event dates: October 10-19, 2024

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Team Bio

Jillian and Kathryn met through their work in the offroad, outfitting, and driver education industry. They clicked over their love for off-roading and toyotas, and developed a strong bond through mutual interests and experience as military spouses. Both have passions founded in helping others. The Rebelle has been on both ladies bucket lists since its inception in 2015.


Jillian Schaible

Jillian owns and operates with her husband, Josh, Apex Overland, an Overlanding and Adventure supply company and installation shop in Reidsville, NC.  

Previous Rallys:

  • 2023 Artemis Rally - 1st Place

  • 2022 24 Hours of Uwharrie - 4th Place

  • 2020 Southern Expeditions Overland Challenge - Pro Team

  • 2019 Southern Expeditions Overland Challenge - Pro Team

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Kathryn Cerruto

Kat is a former middle school educator and current Business Operations Assistant for Overland Experts (OEX), the leading off-road driving school.

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2014 Toyota 4Runner

The Warthog is a 2014 Toyota 4Runner. The Original family hauler for Jillian and Josh, he has transformed quite a bit over the years. The family has taken many overland trips across the US and in his current state he is perfect for competitions and off road environments.  This is the vehicle Jillian drove in the 2023 Artemis Rally and took 1st place with her amazing teammate Daisy from Spartan Overland.

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