LFD Offroad - Roof Racks - Side Rails & Fairing - 4th Gen 4Runner (2003-2009)

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LFD Offroad Roof Racks offer you an option no other rack does – the ability to upgrade over time!

LFD have designed their roof racks to utilize the same Ruggedized Crossbars available for factory roof rails, so you can start out with a set of Ruggedized Crossbars only, and over time upgrade the side rails and add Crossbars as needed!

The Roof Racks are also available as a complete setup as well. The side rails are constructed of 7 gauge steel for excellent strength and rigidity and powder coated with the same UV Stable automotive grade powder coating as the Ruggedized Crossbars.

Compatible with our steel or aluminum Ruggedized Crossbars for factory roof rails.

This listing is for a pair of Roof Rack Side Rails & Wind Fairing Only! You will receive a driver side and a passenger side rail. Re-use your existing Ruggedized Crossbars or add more Crossbars to make a complete rack.

Customers with our 4th Gen Sport crossbars (2006-2009) will require a spacer to use these side rails. Please let us know if you are planning to use existing 4th Gen Sport Crossbars!

When purchasing additional crossbars to use with these side rails, use our 2003-2009 4th Gen SR5-Limited crossbars.

If using a Roof Top Tent, we recommend a rubber grommet or other small soft spacer between the tent rails and the crossbar to prevent noise and wear on the powdercoating.

Toyota specifies a maximum load rating for the roof of 300 pounds.

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