Toytec Boss 2.5 Aluma Series Performance Suspension System 2"-3" Lift (05-15 or 16+ Tacoma)

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Toytec Boss 2.5 Aluma Series Performance Suspension System for 2005-Current Tacoma

This kit is designed with performance in mind.


Front Coilovers:

  • Choose from Toytec Boss 2.5 Front Aluma Series IFP Coilovers or 2.5 Aluma with Remote Reservoirs
    • Aluma 2.5 shock bodies are made from hard anodized aluminum for cooler operation as well as better protection from the elements.
    • Adjustable from 2-3" of lift on a 2005-2015 Tacoma and 1-2" on a 2016+ Tacoma
    • Internal hydraulic valving optimized to match the 700 lb rate spring for use with or without a bumper or winch.
    • Coilovers are assembled and ready to bolt on. No spring compressor or special tools needed for installation.
    • Aluma Series shock bodies are 2.5" in diameter providing additional oil over standard OEM shocks.
    • This 2005-current Tacoma kit includes sway bar relocation brackets, preload adjustment tool and owner's manual.
    • Nitrogen charged design with internal floating piston to help prevent shock fading and cavitation
    • Heavy duty 19mm induction-hardened piston shaft.
    • These shocks are fully rebuildable
Sway Bar Relocation Brackets - Included for proper coilover clearance

Front Differential Drop kit - Recommended for all lifted 4x4s

Front Bump Stops:

  • DuroBumps are proudly made in the USA with dual durometer (hardness) rubber that provides smooth progressive dampening and greatly reduces hard bottom outs. This allows for more control and comfort compared to OEM bump stops that are harsh on contact. With DuroBumps installed, the shell-shock effect experienced when hitting the OEM bump stops is completely eliminated.

Ubolts: Choose from standard 7.5" ubolts or our ubolt flip kit. The ubolt flip kit will allow you to turn your ubolts facing upward, providing additional ground clearance.

Rear Bump Stops:

  • Rear Bump Stop Extension kit- 43007 - Recommended for use with add-a-leafs or complete leaf spring packs, these will allow your factory rear bump stops to function with the lift. (*Requires drilling 2 holes per side).
  • Durobumps - Tacoma rear bump stops eliminate the shell shock effect we’re all familiar with when hitting OEM bump stops. Our dual durometer bump stops easily absorb hard impacts and help keep the vehicle stable at higher speeds in rough conditions. The 4.25″ rear bump stop is intended for trucks with a rear lift of 2″ and extended shocks of up to 1″. These bump stops have been designed to stop wheel up travel under articulation prior to extended shocks bottoming out. Can be used with or without the Ubolt flip kit.
Rear Lift- Choose From Options
  • Toytec Add-A-Leafs. - Approximately 1.5-2" lift. This long style AAL offers a great ride and has anti-friction pads already installed. Fits standard 3 leaf springs and 4 leaf or TSB springs.
  • Toytec Progressive Leaf Pack- Designed and produced to the highest standards. Spring retaining clamps on both ends keeps the pack centered.Anti-friction pads on both ends reduce any noises.This is the best riding AAL on the market.**Use with your stock overload for about 2.5” of rear lift and extra rear weight. May be used without the factory overload for best ride quality and about 2” of rear lift. **
  • Toytec Boss Leaf Springs - 2" lift - These rear springs offering soft ride leaf spring for maximum flex and articulation. 10 leaf design for the best ride comfort and articulation.Tapered diamond cut ends provide less stress for longer spring life. Comes with high quality urethane bushings already installed.
  • Includes Rear Axle Shims for proper pinion angle alignment
  • Longer U-bolts also included

Rear Shocks:

  • TACBOSS25R-ALM - Toytec Boss 2.5 Aluma Series Rear Shocks.
    • Perfectly matched to pair with the Boss Aluma Series Coilovers
    • Tuned for maximum performance and comfort.
    • Gas-pressurized design with internal floating piston to help prevent cavitation and fading
    • The shock bodies are 2.5"(56mm) made from hard anodized aluminum for cooler operation as well as better protection from the elements.
    • TACBOSS25R-ALM are completely rebuildable, serviceable and tunable.
  • LKTAC20R-P - Toytec 2.0 Aluma Series IFP Rear Shocks
    • Similar to the 2.5 IFP Aluma shocks, but in a 2.0 Diameter.

Add Upper Control Arms to complete your Tacoma suspension kit (Recommended for use with Aluma Series Coilovers):

  • Total Chaos Uniball Upper Control arms - 96504 - Maximize your wheel travel and increase your strength while also correcting alignment angles.
  • SPC Adjustable Upper Control Arms - 25470 - The most adjustable UCA on the market. Correct your alignment angles. Also, great to help with adjusting for tire clearance.
Tire/Wheel Fitment:
  • OEM Wheels and Tires may require wheel spacers for proper fitment.
  • For Aftermarket Wheels, we recommend 8"-8.5" Wide Wheels with 4.5" to 4.75" backspacing.

Vehicle Fitment:

  • 2005-2015 Tacoma 4WD/2WD Prerunner
  • 2016+Tacoma

Fitment Notes:

  • Will not fit a 5-lug Tacoma
  • Not recommended for 4 cyl and Regular Cabs - may see additonal lift
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