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Apex Grill Light Bar Kit Installation Instructions

This is for installation of our grill light bar kit found on our web store.

Install can be done in an average time of 1-3 hours.

Step 1

Remove the factory radiator wind deflector by pressing the center of the clips and gently prying them up.

Set deflector aside.

Step 2:

Take the 10mm bolt and 2 plastic clips holding the upper grill in place out. 10mm is located in the center, and clips are on the edges near the headlights.

Step 3:

Pull grill out in a straight forward motion. This will take some effort due to the clips holding it securely. We have found it best to put fingers through the mesh in the grill and use a sharp jerking motion.

Step 4:

-Clean bumper area off of any dirt or contaminants so the double sided tape will adhere.

-Slip Bumper trim piece over factory bumper area, center trim piece, and press firmly so double sided tape will bond. Notice there may be a small gap on both sides, this is normal.

Step 5:

Gather all hardware and organize for install of light bar.

Step 6:

-Take The supplied brackets and large bolt, drop bolt through the slotted hole

-Place bracket and bolt through the factory hole in bumper cross member.

-Installation is showed on driver side first with the bolt to the inside of the truck.

-Loosely hand tighten washer, lock washer, and nut on the underside. Leave loose enough to allow movement for further steps.

Step 7:

Repeat on passenger side.

Step 8:

-Install light bar using the Allen head bolts. Take note that the washer is on the front bolt only.

-Electrical connection goes on drivers side.

Step 9:

Route wire as shown.

Step 10:

Separate the painted portion of upper grill from mesh part by removing the Phillips head screws on the backside. Take off center brace also and set aside.

Step 11:

-Using a set of shears or Dremmel or cutting blade/wheel, cut off the mesh along the line as shown

- Edge does not ahve to be a clean cut, as it will be covered by painted portion of upper grill on reassembly.

-It may be easier to take off small sections at a time

Step 12:

Reassemble the upper grill pieces with the factory Phillips head screws. Do not forget the center brace as well.

Step 13:

Reinstall the upper grill with a sliding motion to the rear (opposite of the removal) and secure it using the 2 plastic retainers and the one 10mm bolt.

Step 14:

Tighten all hardware for the light bar mounts, wire up light bar and, reinstall the radiator wind deflector.

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