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What are Apex Front Recovery Points?

These are rated recovery points that are to be used in a recovery situation instead of the stock tie down hoops that are designed for transport only.

Our Apex Overland front recovery points are a 100% bolt on

No cutting. No Drilling. No welding.

  • Designed to allow a bow shackle, soft shackle, and even winch hooks to pass through the main eyelet.

  • Bolting directly to the frame in 4 locations, these recovery points are a much safer option for rigging than the factory tie down loop, which should never be used for towing or recovery of a stuck vehicle.

  • Allows the factory sway bar to still be used.

  • A single mount bolt with this recovery point has the sheer strength of just over 20,000 lbs. This recovery point is secured by 4 bolts in total. AKA, super strong and rated for more than most recovery straps and ropes.

  • Side braces are MIG welded to the main body and the whole assembly is powder-coated safety red for a long lasting and easily identifiable recovery point.

  • All necessary Grade 8.8 Hardware is included with each pair of recovery points.

  • Pair, Driver and Passenger Included

  • Made in the USA


  • 2003-2009 4Runner & 2010-2022 4Runner

  • 2007-2014 FJ Cruiser

  • 2003-2009 GX470

  • KDSS Version: 2010+ 4Runner with KDSS, GX470, and GX460 (some minor drilling required for installation)

  • Not compatible with most aftermarket front bumpers including full and semi styles.

Why not use the factory tie down hoops (emergency towing eyelets)?

**always refer to your vehicle’s owners manual for specifications on your vehicle

  • Not rated or strong enough to be used for pulling, snatching, or recovery

  • Typically only to be used when transporting the vehicle from the manufacturer on a ship, truck, trailer, etc.

  • It is uncommon that a manufacturer will rate these hoops as a recovery point.

  • Some user manuals state that you may only use the tie downs in emergency situations on hard surfaced roads for short distances at low speeds.

  • User manuals also caution against tightening down too much on these because it will damage the vehicle. So imagine the force of a recovery! Sometimes 2-3 times the vehicle’s GVWR.

  • Take note of the following on our demonstration frame:

    • Crush points, that allow the bumper to crush in an accident

    • Tie down hoops are mounted on the bottom of the thin radiator support beam

    • Our recovery points are secured to the frame in a location away from these weak points.

  • Apex Overland Front Recovery points have been designed, and tested to safely cope with the stresses created during recovery.



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