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What are the Challenges in the Artemis Rally 2023?

Lets discuss some of the challenges in the rally! Because of the variety of challenges all skill levels are going to be able to succeed in gaining points for your team!

This event includes a range of activities you will be tested on, from navigation, off-road driving to using firearms. This rally is open to all types of street legal 4x4, and vehicles must carry canoe the entire competition.

Artemis Rally Details:

Date: June 1st - 4th 2023

Cost: $2000 per person / $4000 for a 2 person team

Who: Ladies Only

Where: Moving rally throughout Western North Carolina

How: LINK to Event Page or Contact -, Spots are limited

​Mandatory Challenges:

How are we Prepping?:

Navigation - GPS (all types of electronics are allowed)

Jillian will be using at Garmin Tread for Navigation. Apex Overland will be offering discounts on all Garmin to competitors so contact us!

Canoeing - Flatwater

Competitors will be required to carry the canoe on top of their vehicle the entire rally. So lightweight is key! Also work on communication with your team-mate prior. this is the key to being able to carry and manuever that canoe!

Gravel/Dirt Road Driving

This one is pretty easy, I have a lot of experience offroad. But if you dont, not a big deal! Uwharrie opens April 1. There are a ton of dirt roads around the OHV area you can explore. You dont even have to go on the more technical trails. Although i do recommend it! (See "offroading" below for more tips and how we are prepping)


Overlander project has shared that the draw weight will be 25lbs on the bows that we will be using. We will be borrowing some bows from a friend and practicing with friends who are skilled.


Again I will be relying on my Garmin Tread for navigation through the woods or hiking to waypoints. Its easy magnetic mount makes taking it for quick hikes easy. I will also have my Garmin Fenix 7 watch in case the trek is longer.

Optional Bonus Challenges:

Whitewater Rafting - Class 3-4

This is not something I have ever done so I am looking into a class at a whitewater center. Since Class 3-4 rapids are more technical and not as beginner friendly.

​Ziplining -Multiple runs

Planning a fun weekend with the Kids to go ziplining. That way the feeling won't be as nerve wracking and We will be able to just power through!

MTB- Pump track or similar

I have rode bikes all my life.. but I might be getting out more with the kids so it doesn't seem so bad on the track!

​Rock Climbing - Human Power

this is another fun one! There are a few rock climbing centers in my town so I will do a date date with my daughter to go try this out and figure out my strengths!

​Paddle Boarding (SUP)

I have paddle boarded before! So I am not too worried. But there are a ton of classes for this as well at the local lake.

​One Wheel - Motorized

I don't have access to one of these so I will be referencing the good ole YouTube for some pointers on this one!

Firearms (Rifle , Pistol -Shotgun)

​Jillian has enlisted the help of some friends with more firearm experience to go to the range and practice on the 3 different types of firearms. I will practice targets in varying distances.

Axe Throwing

Taking notes from YouTube! I have done this before a few times. Sometimes I've been good and other times it was laughable!

Hardcore/Technical Offroading

​Taking a class or two at Overland Experts. There is a fundamental class that goes over basics, some obstacle course driving so you get a solid feel for your vehicle and review the buttons and vehicle features/tools. May 20th class still has slots available! LINK to class

If you would like specific offroad training then OEX also offers private classes as well. Reach out to book.

About Overlander Project:

Overlander Project is an outdoor adventure company born out of a passion for everything outdoors. We offer a new generation of outdoor events to bring like-minded adventurists together. So whether you are looking for off-road adventures, kayaking, mountain biking, etc., or just hanging out with like-minded adventurists like us, then our events are the place to be.



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