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Complete Extended Travel / Long Travel Package.

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Brand: Multi
Lead Time (Contact us if you have questions): Varies
Shipping Notes: will ship from multiple manufacturers depending on options choosen

You guys asked for it so we made a one stop shop for a full extended travel front and long travel rear!

Get the most articulation out of your suspension for your 4Runner, FJ Cruiser or Lexus GX with our easy to build out Extended Travel Front - Long travel rear package. We have narrowed down the options to our favorites to make it easy for you!

Fits :

2007+ FJ Cruiser

2003- 2009 4Runner

2010+ 4Runner (with and without KDSS, KDSS customers please contact us before purchase)

2003- 2009 GX470 (Will Need Rear Spring Conversion)

Description of Options Avaliable

Front Control Arms:

Choose what style arm you want, Uniball (Total Chaos) or ball joint (SPC & Dobinson)

Front Coilover options:

Radflo 2.0" coilover are for those that are not going to off-road a lot and take it easy on their rigs.

The Radflo 2.5" coilovers are designed for those that will use their rigs off-road and still want a good ride.

Spring weight options lay out as such; 650lbs are vehicles that range from stock front ends to those with hidden winches or the lo-pro style center bumpers, and the 700lbs are for those with full front bumpers with winches

Remote Reservoir Options:

Remote Reservoir are for those that are going to take it a little harder on their rigs and want to keep the temperature down on the shocks.

The compression adjusters are for those who want the ability to fine tune or dial in their suspension to their exact liking both on and off road.

Front Lower Control Arms:

These Lower arms are by far one of the best mods we have done to our personal 4Runner. Transforms the way the truck drives by making it feel more planted on the road. While not 100% necessary, we highly recommend them if you can. This item will require welding of a bump stop plate.

Front Spindle Gussets:

These are recommended for those that are going to be a little harder on their trucks and don't want to bend the factory spindle. While not 100% needed, they are a good sound investment for your ride. These will require taking the spindle off the vehicle, pulling the hubs off, and welding them on. Only thing you have to decide is if you want to have the ability to put the factory sway bar back on or not.

Cam Tab Gussets:

These cam tab gussets will prevent the lower alignment cams from rotation over the factory keepers in high torque situations. They also are a great fix for those who have bent the factory ones while off-roading. They do require welding for installation. Nice solid investment for those taking the hard lines

Rear Shocks:

The rear shocks are sold in pairs unlike other companies who sell individually.

The 2.0" shocks are designed for the light off-road user. The 2.5" shocks are built for those who want a great ride on the road and not have to worry if their shocks are up to the task of taking the hard lines. Adding the remotes to the rears are for those who want the hard lines and not let up one bit!

Rear Springs:

Metal Tech Springs come in two weight ratings, medium for the stock weight to storage systems and light loads, and the heavies for those with rear bumpers and carry a lot.

The Dobinson rear springs come in3 different weight choices. The 675's are for stock weight rear ends with zero addition weight. The 677's are for medium weight such as storage systems, fridges, gear, etc. The 701's are designed for those with rear bumpers and all their gear they will need. 749s are for those carrying 700-800 lbs at all times

Upper and lower rear links:

Total chaos rear links are adjustable and have a polyurethane bushing on one end and a heim joint on the other.

Metal Tech rear links are adjustable and have a polyurethane bushing on one end and a johnny joint on the other.

Dobinson rear links are adjustable and have a polyurethane bushing on both ends, as well as come with factory style rubber bushings you can press in if you wish instead.

Rear Panhard Bars:

Total chaos' rear bar is adjustable and has a polyurethane bushing on one end and a heim joint on the other.

Icon's rear bar is adjustable and has a polyurethane bushing on one end and a johnny joint on the other.

Dobinson rear bar is adjustable and have factory style rubber bushings.

Rear Brake Lines:

The rear brake lines with this kit are 100% needed. MetalTech are stainless lines that will replace your factory rear lines.

Rear Bump Stop:

A 3" Rear Bump stop is required for all long travel shocks. Metaltech extends your stock bump, and the Durobump replaces it completely with a progressive bump.

If you have any questions about this kit, parts, choices, ride, additional options, specs, lead times, installation tips, etc. Please feel free to reach out to us at and we will be more than happy to assist you in choosing the right kit for you!

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