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Go Fast Campers - Ladder + Mantis Claw

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Brand: Go Fast Campers

There are ordinary ladders, and then there are those that use Mantis Claws.

Our proprietary Mantis Claws offer a major upgrade for tubular, collapsible ladders, allowing them to be quickly mounted along the extrusion track of the Platform Camper and Platform RTT for easy attachment and removal.

Additionally, the Mantis Claws protect your rig and camper panels by moving the ladder into a more upright position and away from your vehicle's sides. The Mantis Claws, along with our 8' collapsible ladder, easily stow when not-in-use.

There are three product options:

  • Mantis Claws + 8' Ladder
  • Mantis Claws (Retrofit kit for tubular, collapsible ladders)
  • Mantis Claw // Catch Kit (to create multiple ladder mounting points.)

Mantis Claws add security and versatility to collapsible, tubular ladders without significantly increasing their footprint or weight.

Ladder collapses quickly for convenient and effecient storage.

Additional Catch Kits allow for multiple mounting points along the Platform Camper or Platform RTT T-track.


  • Mantis Claws + 8' Ladder - 12.2 lbs.
  • Mantis Claws - 1 lb.
  • Catch Kit - 4 oz.

Materials: Aluminum

Mantis Claws + Ladder (Collapsed)
18.5" x 29" x 3"

Catch Kit
2” x 2” x 0.8”

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