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Suspension & Lift Kits

Suspension Parts & Lifts Kits

Modify your vehicle for additional weight or extra height. Use our suspension parts to raise your vehicle for ground clearance and support the armor and gear. Perfect for off-roading and overlanding applications, optimize the vehicle for your upcoming expeditions. With the highest quality coilovers, coil springs, and hard anodized aluminum shock bodies, our suspension parts are exceptional. We supply premium suspensions for your Toyota, Lexus SUV, Jeep, Bronco, and more.
Our complete lift kits enhance your vehicle for the optimal lift at an excellent value. Navigate road obstacles with ease and prepare for peak performance. The suspension kits include all components for the front and rear to lift your SUV or truck. Achieve ground clearance and look forward to fun adventures. As always, Apex Overland is here to supply excellent products for your vehicle. Purchase a suspension kit right now
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