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GFC Platform Topper

Platform Topper

Radically stronger than any camper shell before, the GFC Platform Topper keeps your gear secure, provides total access to your bed, carries heavy stuff on its roof, and even gives you a place to hang out in the shade.

A topper tougher than your truck.

Proprietary aluminum extrusion is connected by machined-from-billet aluminum joints, forming a triangulated space frame capable of supporting up to 800 pounds of dynamic load on its roof while distributing forces around the entire perimeter of your truck bed. All connections are bolted rather than welded together, eliminating the potential for stress fractures. Simply put, that means the Platform Topper works harder than anything else, and lasts longer, through more challenging terrain

Designed for humans.

Panels on the sides and rear raise on gas struts, allowing easy access to all corners of your truck bed. Open, those panels provide something we like to call Cabana Mode, providing convenient, instantly accessible shade.

The roof works too.

An extruded aluminum load halo surrounds the Topper’s roof, distributing loads to the space frame. And the white roof itself is made from a one-inch-thick honeycomb composite panel, which reflects solar radiation, while providing an insulating air gap. Your cargo stays cool while allowing natural light to illuminate your gear.


Mount Stuff

  • Lock all sides to keep your gear secure
  • Rear panel locks and unlocks from the inside
  • Integrated third brake light
  • Removable panels
  • Optional front and rear window
  • Accessory tracks on front, sides, and rear
  • Securely mount lights, awnings, or tools
  • Optional Beef Rack cross bars support 200 pounds each
  • Beef Racks include accessory tracks top and bottom
  • Safely carry loads on top of permanent solar panels using our solar mounting kit

How it Mounts

We lay a weatherproof rubber gasket on your truck bed, then lower the topper onto your truck, before mounting it to your bed rails with burly billet aluminum clamps.

Not just for camping.

The Platform Topper will work as hard on a job site as it will on a camping trip. Unlike fiberglass, it won’t degrade due to solar radiation. With our 2.5" tall Beef Rack cross bars mounted, the extra height over your cab allows you to carry long loads safely within the wheelbase of your truck. And its immense strength will allow you to haul heavy loads, all day, every day, through decades of hard use. Every GFC product is serviceable. We’ve got the spare parts, technical expertise, and service department to make sure this thing keeps working as hard as you do.

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