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Benefits of Adding a Roof Rack to your Overland Rig

Roof Racks are something you see on all different kinds of vehicles and you don't usually give it much thought as to the different functions they can provide. Roof racks range in sizes and styles, as well as brands. In the overlanding lifestyle roof racks are a popular need and want for most people because they provide a convenient way to store a range of items that you don’t have space for in your trunk or bed. They are great to hold things like high lifts, storage boxes, jerry cans, traction boards, roof top tents, etc…

Roof Racks come in many different lengths, for example Prinsu makes a full length 5th Gen 4Runner rack, and they make a 7/8 length or 3/4 length option for a 5th Gen 4Runner as well. We sell roof racks for all different kinds of vehicles, not just Toyotas!

There is also a different style of rack that is called a bed rack or bed bars that are made for trucks. Bed racks are a great way to add extended space to a roof rack that is already covering the cab of the truck. CBI Offroad makes a very functional bed rack for Tundras, while LFD Offroad makes a sleek designed bed rack for Tacomas. Tundra and Tacoma aren't the only bed racks that are made, if you look on our website we have all kinds ranging from Toyota to Chevy Colorados.

If you are looking for a more budget friendly option but need the functionality that a roof rack offers, then check out the LFD Offroad Ruggedized crossbars. They are currently made for most of the Toyotas with new vehicle options in the development cycle.

When choosing a roof rack some key features to take note of:

  • Composition of materials, and quality of construction. Common materials are steel, stainless steel or aluminum.

    • Steel is solid, sturdy and durable.

    • Stainless steel has all the same benefits of steel however is rust resistant.

    • Aluminum is great for cutting some weight, and these are typically lower profile style as well.

  • Load rating of your vehicle roof. Check your owners manual to be sure that your vehicle can support the rack and the intended items and then make sure your rack matches or exceeds the carrying capacity of your vehicle.

  • Design and structure for securing accessories, and wind noise when traveling.

  • Lighting mounting options if you are planning to add camp or auxiliary lighting, A roof rack can often provide a convenient place for these.

On the whole roof racks provide some added functionality to your roof, and also set your vehicle apart from the rest with a sweet rack that shows your style. Roof racks will help you to utilize every bit of space in and on your vehicle, and offer you a safe place to transport some items that you may not want or be able to fit in the cabin of your vehicle. With a huge selection of accessories you can transport spare tires, extra fuel, roof top tents, kayaks, luggage and more.

We can help you narrow down the options for the right roof rack for your needs, just reach out! We are glad to help.


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