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What is the Artemis Rally 2023?

You may have heard that Jillian has signed up to do the Artemis Rally! but what is it?!

The Artemis Rally is a ladies only adventure competition. It is a 4 day "moving rally" in June that takes place across beautiful Western NC. The teams will start in one location and end at a different location every evening.

This event includes a range of activities you will be tested on, from navigation, off-road driving to using firearms. This rally is open to all types of street legal 4x4 besides side by sides, and vehicles must carry canoe the entire competition.

Because of the variety of challenges all skill levels are going to be able to succeed in gaining points for your team!

Overlander project said "North Carolina is our playground and our intentions are to show the teams the good stuff, scenery, terrain, landmarks, etc".

(Manufacturer vehicle teams and sponsored teams are welcome to apply. )

Date: June 1st - 4th

Cost is $2000 per person / $4000 for a 2 person team

Sponsorships are encouraged! We will be writing another article for some tips and trips for gaining sponsors! so stay tuned for that soon!

​Mandatory Challenges:

Optional Bonus Challenges:

Navigation - GPS (all types of electronics are allowed)

Whitewater Rafting - Class 3-4

Canoeing - Flatwater

​Ziplining -Multiple runs

Gravel/Dirt Road Driving

MTB- Pump track or similar


​Rock Climbing - Human Power


​Paddle Boarding (SUP)

​One Wheel - Motorized

Firearms (Rifle , Pistol -Shotgun)

Axe Throwing

Hardcore/Technical Offroading

​**more specific details to follow on challenges and how to prepare

Key Details -

  • Each of the 4 different basecamps will feature hot showers and clean restrooms (tents are provided by Overlander Project, you must bring your own bedding

  • Artemis competitors will be treated to gourmet breakfast and dinners (vegan and vegetarian options will be available ) by our traveling chef

  • Final evening we have secured a boutique inn for social hour , formal dinner and award ceremony . All teams will have their own rooms and showers

  • This rally will be open to all types of street legal 4x4 (no side by sides), vehicles must carry canoe the entire competition, Manufacturer vehicle teams and sponsored teams are welcome to apply

  • Starting location will have plenty of room for tractor / trailers and tow vehicles with trailers

  • Overlander Project will provide each participant with a helmet from Axel Off Road Gear & Apparel (required to be worn at some vehicle special stages , rafting , ziplining, paddle boarding, MTB , rock climbing and one wheel)

  • TEAM MEMBERS will be required to provide ALL personal gear, toiletries, camping gear (OP- provides tents), first aid kits, lunch and snacks

  • Two-way Radios are required

  • Camera crews will be an integral part of this rally , teams may be asked to allow camera people to “ ride along “ for certain parts of this event. Drone footage

  • Fuel for vehicles will be the responsibility of the competitors (fuel stops are allowed at any given time during the event)

  • Outside/External support is allowed for teams, If you need mechanic help you are allowed to get it. Josh from Apex Overland is volunteering his support for all teams if they need during the event.

  • Teams are encouraged to work together !!

  • Artemis Rally will be without a doubt one of the most memorable experiences of your life!

  • Valid driver's license, medical card and valid vehicle insurance required

  • JOIN THE FUN! Space is limited

LINK to Event Page or Contact -, 828-322-6463, or shoot them a message on their socials if interested!

About Overlander Project:

Overlander Project is an outdoor adventure company born out of a passion for everything outdoors. We offer a new generation of outdoor events to bring like-minded adventurists together. So whether you are looking for off-road adventures, kayaking, mountain biking, etc., or just hanging out with like-minded adventurists like us, then our events are the place to be.



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