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Go Fast Campers is Coming EAST!

We are excited to announce our partnership with Go Fast Campers as an install shop! This means you can order your custom Camper, or Topper and have it shipped and installed right here in NC! We will also have all of the GFC accessories in stock for purchase in person or online!

What about the amazing GFC Roof Top Tents?! yes! we will have those in stock as well!

GFC Camper on the top of a jeep, on the beach, enjoying the day!
GFC Platform Camper

A little about GFC & What they make:

Go Fast Campers makes truck campers that allow you to be comfortable no matter where you are. GFC makes a large range of tents and campers to fit your truck perfectly, as well as many more accessories and items to finish your set up! Go Fast Campers are made in the U.S.A specifically Belgrade, Montana.

We absolutely love all products that Go Fast Campers has to offer! To start off we have the Platform Camper, this camper has a sleeping area of 50" x 90" (56" x 90" on full-size trucks). This camper is perfect to be able to get the full use out of your truck bed while still having plenty of space to store items and sleep up top.

GFC RTT on top of 4Runner in the desert

Next there is the Platform Roof Top Tent. This RTT adds an additional 6 inches to the height of your roof and weighs only 135 pounds. This RTT allows you to comfortably sleep 2 & 1/2 people. This RTT can also double as a roof rack, as it allows you to mount tools, awnings, lights, etc...

GFC Platform Topper

The Platform Topper is a truck shell and is similar to the base of the Platform RTT and the Platform camper. This base includes the frame and the locking side and rear panels. These panels allow you to reach in and easily grab something out or can be used to be protected from weather. The Platform Topper can become a roof/bed rack when the GFC Cross Bars are added, this allows for a lot more storage. This topper makes every other topper obsolete! Capable of supporting up to 800 pounds of dynamic load on its roof, even through the most challenging off-road terrain, the new GFC Platform Topper is the strongest truck topper ever made. And the only one that can instantly turn into a cabana.

Sized for a short bed Tacoma, this thing weighs just 135 pounds. That’s lighter than your typical fiberglass or metal topper, too. For mid-size trucks, the GFC Platform Topper is priced at $3,995. That’s within a few hundred dollars of one of those fiberglass toppers, and less expensive than a heavier, weaker steel topper.

GFC Chase Frame

The GFC Chase Frame is similar to the idea of a bed rack. GFC has taken this idea and made it better! The chase frame allows you to mount a range of necessities. For example there's Jerry Can Mounts, the universal mounts, and the crossbars which allow you to carry items like a bike. This Chase Frame will allow you to convert your truck bed and allow you to get the most storage you can.

Go Fast Campers has gone above and beyond in all of their accessories. They provide all you could need to work with the rest of their products. Some examples of their accessories is the Puffpad Mattress, the Universal Mounting bracket, and their Ladder + Mantis Claw.

We're proud to offer American made products designed and manufactured here in Belgrade, Montana.Whether it's accessories, replacement parts, or some of our apparel & merch we've got your covered.

How do I Order?

  • All RTT and accessories are ordered/purchased at Apex Overland &

  • Currently all Camper and Topper Orders are entered through the, or shoot us a message and we will get your ordered started!



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