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Brand Spotlight: Go Fast Campers

We are going to start a new series spotlighting some of our favorite overland brands. We figured it would be best to start with Go Fast Campers since we are hosting them here in a few days at our open house on Aug 12th 2023. If you missed that post or would like more details you can check it out HERE. Hope you can come!

About GFC - Go Fast Campers

Go Fast Campers Logo

Go Fast Campers builds truck campers that help people break out of the mundane and connect themselves, with other like minded people, and with the environment.

GFC calls Belgrade, Montana home, and manufactures everything in house at their state of the art facility. Over the last couple of years they have partnered with shops across the USA to provide Professional Installation services. Trained professionals mount your camper, or tent, plus any accessories. Apex Overland is the East Coast install shop. Just order your camper/tent and show up, and we'll handle the rest!

Something that is also very interesting about Go Fast Camper is that no only do they take great pride in their state of the art technologies that they utilize to build these campers, they are also sharing that technology with other small businesses to in order make them more scalable.

What GFC Makes

GFC Platform camper
GFC Platform Camper
  • Platform Camper "Radically simple and immensely strong, our flagship product is a complete departure from the heavy and fragile truck campers of the past. It works as well keeping your cargo secure in day-to-day driving as it does blending an indoor/outdoor living space to enjoy on your next adventure." -GFC

GFC Platform Roof Top Tent
GFC Platform Roof Top Tent
  • Platform Roof Top Tent "The lightest, strongest, and most versatile rooftop tent ever made. Replaces your roof rack with a stronger roof rack that’s also a tent. Every GFC is stripped down, fluff free, and full of utility. Accessory tracks on the front, sides, and rear mount your lights, awnings, and tools. " - GFC

GFC Platform Topper
GFC Platform Topper
  • Platform Topper "Radically stronger than any camper shell before, the GFC Platform Topper keeps your gear secure, provides total access to your bed, carries heavy stuff on its roof, and even gives you a place to hang out in the shade." - GFC

GFC Chase Frame
GFC Chase Frame
  • Chase Frame "Whether you’re hucking or hauling, this bed rack’s for you. Built using the same aluminum frame technology underpinning the Platform Camper, the Chase Frame can carry your liquids, lights, bikes, recovery gear, lumber, or pretty much anything else. And it’ll do that while holding up to decades of hard use. " - GFC

GFC Accessories mounted onto beef rack crossbars on platform camper
GFC Accessories

Apex Overland's Must haves for outfitting your GFC

  • GFC Ladder & Mantis Claw Kit to get in and out using the Tents side doors

  • GZila Rainfly Kit to convert the tents rear door to a rain fly

  • Beef Crossbars to be able to toss kayaks, or fishing poles, mount Maxtrax, or have some versatility to haul stuff on the top of the Camper, Topper or RTT

  • Awnings - We love to mount a 270 awning to the side of the GFC so you have maximum coverage for your basecamp. The 270 will wrap around and also provide coverage over the tailgate of the bed of your truck. The 23 Zero Peregrine 2.0 or the Rhino Rack Batwing are our favorites. - Just be sure to grab 2 or 3 of the GFC Universal Mounts to mount your awning!

  • Interior Lighting I love to toss a white and a red Baja Designs dome light inside the camper/topper for some lighting on the inside. These little guys pack a punch with the lumens so they will help light up camp at night too if your camper/topper doors are open.

  • Exterior Lighting Mount one or two of these beauties (Baja Designs S1s) to the rear of the GFC to provide camp lighting, or wire them to your reverse so they will give you extra visibility when backing up. Or do a yellow/amber for a chase light for when you need to go fast in dusty conditions.

  • Camping Gear Camping will never be the same once you get a Dometic electric cooler, just toss that in the bed to keep snacks handy, and the brews cold. Toss a couple of these Front Runner Chairs in the back, for a quick seat. They fold up so storage is easy.

We are the east coast partner shop for Go Fast Campers so don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions about the GFC, how to order or how to add accessories or gear!

We also ship accessories, so just order them on and we will get them shipped right to your door!

Thank you for taking the time to read about one of our favorite brands! - the Apex Overland crew



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